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List of Commercial Linux Applications

Software Application Vendors:

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Web Client:

Web Content Generation:

Web Server:


Internet Services, SOA, Infrastructure:

  • Tibco.com: ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) SOA (Service Oriented Architecture.

Software Development:

Graphics / Modeling / Visualization:


Charting / Diagrams:


    MusicMatch.com: Jukebox 7.0 - MP3 player, encoder (Fraunhofer), CD ripper, CD burner, line-in encoder, CDDB integration, Jukebox MP3 player/manager,...


  • Piranha Stream - real time, full frame rate encoding of streaming video files
  • Envivio Media Server - MPEG-4 video servers, encoders, transcoders
  • RealNetworks.com - streaming server, video encoding and client viewer software
  • ScanSoft.com - Scan audio sources (wav, mpg, mp3, rm, ra, avi, wma, wmv, asf, mpa), convert to text, generate XML index data, transcripts and provide search interface.


  • MSC:
  • Ansys - Finite Element Modeling (FEM) - SGI 64-bit Itanium and Linux
  • Fluent - CFD and fluid flow analysis and visualization.
  • Engineous Software: iSight - Software framework for engineering design and analysis, experiment design, optimization, quality engineering and process integration. Mostly idea exploration and optimization.
  • LinuxCad: Simple 2D drafting and 3D wireframe
  • VariCAD - Full featured 3D/2D CAD system
  • OCTREE - CAD and visual simulation software for architects. Interfaces with "Radiance" for rendering.
  • Cycas - CAD for 2-D/3-D architectural design, drafting, modeling and visualization.
  • MathWorks: MATLAB/Simulink - control design, DSP, test, measurement and image processing
  • CadSoft - PCB design, including Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and Autorouter.

(EDA) Electical/Electronic Design and Analysis:

  • Synopsys - Design and simulation
  • Mentor Graphics - PCB, circuit design and verification.
  • Cadence - PCB, IC, analog, RF design and analysis. VHDL and logic symulators.

Science / Math:

  • Mathematica - Mathematical symbolic differential equation solver
  • Comsol: FemLab - Runs within MatLab. Handles graphical modeling of complex problems built around differential equations. 2-D and 3-D visualization.
  • AVS-Advanced Visual Ssystems: gSharp - Generate technical presentation graphics. Generates charts and graphs from a data source.
  • STK.com: Analytical Graphics Inc - Satellite Tool Kit - Satellite orbit, trajectory, maneuvers, collision analysis, coverage simulations, visualization.
  • The Mathworks: MatLab - Java cross platform application - C code generation, modeling, system simulation, graphing, curvefitting, analysis, simulation, ...

Business and Corporate Software:

Data backup:

Systems Management:

Commercial Device Drivers: